The University of Melbourne E-Sports Association is a club affiliated with the University of Melbourne Student Union Clubs & Societies. 


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Melbourne University Gaming Festival (MugFest) 2019

Unimelb is about to host a first-of-its-kind grand scale gaming festival on 9th August 2019. Learn more

As Unimelb's official esports club, our very aim is to promote esports and develop students' talents in esports that they may have suppressed due to academic commitments.


On this website, you can check out all about UMESA - our upcoming events, focused games, sponsors' information and membership benefits, the committee, and even the history of UMESA's founding! Feel free to take your time to navigate round this site!



The University of Melbourne E-Sports Association (UMESA) is a club of the University of Melbourne, Australia, devoted to one of the fastest-growing interests in the world – E-sports! Simply put, we’re a club of gamers, by gamers, for gamers!

UMESA hosts a wide range of activities both on- and off-campus, whether it be tournaments, LAN parties, game-learning workshops or simply online sessions! Join scrawls of other E-sport gamers like you to party up in games! Build your sense of pride in the game that you have always known and loved!

We focus on some of the most popular E-sport games, and each game will have its own community and range of activities. UMESA celebrates the diversity within the wider gaming community and hopes that all new players, regardless of his/her language, will be welcomed and integrated into the Unimelb gaming community.



Mailbox 122, First Floor Union House,
The University of Melbourne 3010, VIC

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